Useful Tips in Putting Up Your Own Massage Service

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I was in the massage business once, but I never came to own one. I worked as a general manager for a series of massage business chain in my city after graduation. I lasted for about two years and then went on to a different pathway. And it came to me once too to do the same business as I had the operation idea already but it never came to life.

But then, for business seekers and business minded people who wish to start a new chain, you can go through a needle hole to be able to start, but once when the ball starts rolling, you will be rewarded. And just like all other business, you should be persevering and determined from the start.

So every business needs a plan. And every plan needs a head start to be able to process everything well from the tiniest details there is. Now, here a are a few tips to get you started with your venture. They are in layman’s term so you can decipher everything better. No business terms, reserve it for you contract later.

  1. Make detailed outline for everything. It is only an outline, not a concrete business plan yet. Ask yourself and people you know about possible tweaks you can do and which things to keep. If starting, do it by yourself, do not empty your pockets by hiring a topnotch finance adviser that bills more than your starting capital.

  2. Structure your business plan. Start from the beginning. Leave one or two options for space and possible plans.

  3. Now, choose the services or products you will be offering. By this I mean you already have a prior choice of your business. Only details are on the way. For massage business, try to keep things few but related. Make sure that you will be giving this massage services the right way and perfect way.

  4. Know your target costumers. Try campaigning online prior to the opening. See possible and potential customers. Target them initially and try to persuade them to try your new business.

  5. Go for novelty. Even if it’s just a one unique identifying variable, it should carry still your brand. Make sure it is a new thing that can attract customers. Can be the free perks and giveaways that will set your part so why not do it? Or a promo during the opening or a discount during the off peak hours, as long as you won’t get bankrupt and it helps your profit, you can go for it. Or if you can offer a very unique massage that is not available from all other spas out there, you can get that profit spiel too.

  6. Hire the best employees only. Know the qualified ones and keep them. Be keen on work attitudes.

  7. Manage it well. Keep everything in high standards. And take care of your customers.

  8. Secure your business legalities. Seal all the legal sides.  That would cap it all.

Being a health buff and a business minded person can keep your massage business afloat and thriving. Your love for relaxation massage can go a long way, not just for pleasure but also for your money-making ventures.


About the Author:
Amanda Cooper is a mother of two and a businesswoman. She is treading a path towards healthy life and targets a more holistic and organic health approach for this year. For massage and other injury-healing therapies click here.

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