To Smoke or Not To Smoke…

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Smoking is and has always been a very personal decision. The fact of the matter is that no matter how much you harp, nag, or stuff a smokers ears with “quit smoking” advice, it’s a personal decision to quit. It’s not going to happen without a personal decision. Maybe it’s different than we see it. Perhaps people who don’t smoke really are the ones missing out on something? Or are they? I’m going to outline a few of the reasons why you should smoke, and then I’m going to outline a few of the reasons why you should not, and then you get to decide for yourself.

You Should Smoke Because…

Smoking the first cigarette is like doing “that” forbidden thing for the first time. There’s an awful lot of intrigue in it. To parents and grandparents before us it was a disgrace to pick the forbidden fruit, but now a days…where would we be without it? Studies have shown that many smokers do it out of sheer loneliness. Holding a package of cigarettes you never feel alone! It’s a lonely world, isn’t it? We’ve read so many sweet happy endings that just don’t happen, so where do we find companionship? Cigs seem to be the ideal thing for constant companionship. Even better still, other potential friends feel more comfortable around you. It’s the mark of the cool!

Smoking holds a sort of mystical sensation, of playing with fire, but not really getting burned. There’s something in the smoke. Many people rant and rave about “seeing things” in the smoke, while others make a tidy activity out of blowing circles, swirls, and doughnuts. It’s really rather cool because everybody in all the movies do it, and gosh, does it make them look hot, so let’s do it too! Aside from that, the nicotine that cigarettes contain gives a boost into the unknown. Apparently drinking and smoking is one of the ultimate highs! The effects of nicotine are addictive to the point of being harder to kick than heroin is, so that’s gotta say something!

Other not so known reasons to smoke from recent psychology studies show that most smokers believe that: smoking is fun, it’s a reward that you can give yourself whenever seems good, smoking is like oral sensuous pleasure, it’s a good way of telling how much time has passed, builds memories, and improves your overall trendy mannerisms in most circles.

You Should Not Smoke Because…

Each cigarette that you smoke contains acetone, acetic acid, ammonia, arsenic, benzene, butane, cadmium carbon monoxide, cyanide, chloroform, dieldrin, ethanol, formaldehyde, hexamine, methane, methanol, napthalene, nicotine, nitrobenzene, nitrous oxide phenols, stearic acid, toluene, and vinyl chloride. What’s wrong with that, right? Let’s break it down with several examples of what each of these chemicals are used for. Acetone is used in nail polish remover. Acetic acid is used in Vinegar. Ammonia is used for cleaning floors and toilets. Arsenic is used in poison. Benzene is used in making dyes and plastics. Butane is a lighter fluid. Cadmium is used in NiCad batteries. Carbon Monoxide is found in car exhaust fumes. Cyanide is used in metabolic poison. Chloroform is an anaesthetic. DDT is an insecticide. Ethanol is used in alcohol. Formaldehyde is a preserver of body, tissue, and fabric. Hexamine is a BBQ lighter. Methane is a swamp gas. Methanol is a rocket fuel. Napthalene is used in the making of the mothballs that you use in your closet. Nicotine is used in insecticide, stimulants, and addictive drugs. Nitrobenzene is a gasoline additive. Nitrous Oxide Phenols is used in disinfectants. Stearic Acid is used in candle wax, Toluene in industrial solvents, and Vinyl Chloride in making PVC pipes. I guess the realisation of all these ingredients is that they are being inhaled into your body and never fully leave. Somewhat sad in my opinion.

It’s true that cigarettes have a superb nicotine kick, but actually the nicotine in cigarettes alters the chemical levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in your brain. Although this feeling may initially be perceived as enjoyable, in the long run it takes more and more nicotine to reach the same desired effect. If and when a smoker decides to quit smoking his/her levels of dopamine and noradrenaline again will swing out of balance and result in feelings of deprivation, depression, irritability, and anxiousness. The cravings for nicotine can reach an extreme to the point of making it difficult to loose the urge to smoke. In extreme cases Champix that can reduce the craving of nicotine by binding the nicotine receptors in the brain and reducing the symptoms of withdrawals are needed. Champix also works as a dual helper in that it helps the smoker to feel less of a high from smoking.

 To Smoke or Not To Smoke...
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